That time when Mommy brought us to Abu Dhabi

img_0329 It was a place I had always wanted to go but just never got around to it and I was so lucky that this November 2016 I actually got to visit Abu Dhabi, not by myself, with my two little mini me’s and I couldnt of picked two better people to explore with. After a 7 hour flight with Etihad airlines we were ready for bed but could not have been more looked after by the helpful staff on the plane from the blankets and pillows, earphones so we could watch any film ,and meals provided with cost of plane ticket and endless supply of drinks for the kids. The four hour time difference knocked us a bit but kids seemed to adapt quiet easily.img_0320 On our first day we visited a beautiful pool called Saadiyat, where you could order food and cocktails to your sunbed ( a little expensive if you ask me) life guard on the watch and a kiddies pool and park also, we spend the whole day here and the kids just loved it.img_0544img_0542

We absolutely lived for Yas beach that we went three times! The kids had the sun, sea, sand plus a baby pool that was shaded to escape it all if needed. You could have your food delivered to your bed side if you didnt fancy moving and there was a tasty pancake stand if you were feeling cheeky, plus delicious fruit smoothies for us health freaks to quench your thirst in that 37 degrees, hot hot hot! But I loved the water it was so relaxing to swim in.The water was warm, refreshing and extra salty, yuc! img_0546img_0539 Our Next favourite place to go was Yas Water World OMG! The kids had such a laugh we went twice, no rest for mommy though as we walked to all the different rides and kept changing where we wanted to sit, or shall I say where they wanted to sit, lol!

It is a little expensive to pay the entrence fee and then for your food and professional photos but if you spend the whole day, which we did its totally worth it.img_0278 The staff were so friendly and the kids got to meet some cool characters, although Koda was a little scared of the eagle.

We couldnt leave Abu Dhabi without visiting Dubai. It was an hour journey by car but well worth the drive to see the beach, the people and have some food, not to mention a little trip on a paddle boat along the sea.img_0355 We got to see the  gorgeous water show, the fabulous shopping centre the amazing Candylicious store and the worlds tallest building.img_0347img_0299img_0295

One day we went on a Safari tour which was so worth the money, the kids had a chance to ride camels, quad bikes, see wild birds, belly dancing shows, eat dinner while sitting on the floor and be driven in a jeep up and down the sand to a point where they just couldnt control the laughter.img_0370img_0359img_0358

There is so much this country has that just makes your head go WOW! I could talk about it all day long and not get bored, I would fully recommend families to go and visit, just dont wear too skimpy bikinis and understand the currency before you go, two mistakes of mine, lol! Will be seeing you again Abu Dhabi, this time next year

Until then…



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