Dont get the Christmas Blues…

I know sometimes this time of year can get people down, stressed or feeling lonely.

November is an inbetween month as I like to call it, after Halloween before Christmas nothing really happening, feeling lost and then BOOM! Its December 1st, the rush to the shops begin, how can I afford this? Will I make rent this month as well as buy my family presents and food?  Where will I eat Christmas dinner or how many am I cooking for?

These are just a few stress points for people this month but my advice is Dont Worry! relax and…

img_0677 Take a walk in the park and take in the pretty sights on a cool crisp morning, Christmas is ment to be about family, friends, holiday spirit and good cheer. Dont get stressed out its not the end of the world if you cant afford presents for everyone a card is a nice gesture and lets people know your thinking of them, or arranging a day where you can spend time with someone and do fun things that you both like as a gift, that way you can schedule it to a time where you do have money.

Do something for someone else, this Christmas myself and the kids are giving toys to Temple Street Hospital and also giving old clothes and toys to children in need. I no this will make me feel good inside and the kids get to help and feel how good it is to help other people.

Take the kids to see Santa,  Stillorgan, Dublin have a free Santa if money is tight and he really puts the whole family in holiday spirit, there are other Santas that dont cost any more than ten euro and the kids get a gift for this price. wrap up warm, go for a nice family walk, visit Santa and go home for a nice hot chocolate and a Christmas DVD. Things like this always get me feeling upbeat.img_0693 img_0611 Visit Family Christmas fairs theres lots of free games, free Santa visits tea and mince pies sometimes you pay a small fee in but its so worth it!

Put up your Christmas tree, mine went up in November lol!It reminds me Christmas is coming and its a time to be happy, put on some christmas music and dance around your sitting room or sing along, it adds to the fun and triggers your happy place, keep smiling!img_0692 If you feel down please talk to someone dont suffer alone, speak out and get help, a family member, a friend or get some counselling.  If you ever need advice subscribe to my blog and email me directly for help, I always have time to listen. The outdoors helps me even just sitting for a few moments alone with the wind blowing taking deep breaths really helps. Take a moment to realise how lucky you are and how much you actually have, so many of us want what we do not need and dont look at the smaller picture, reality! a roof over our heads, food on the table, family, and clothes on our back. There is always someone less fortunate, be grateful.

img_0049img_0687img_0041Family is so important to me, with out them I wouldnt be where I am today. My kids give me strength, fill me with love everyday and make every thing worth while. The love and support from my mother on a daily basis keeps me feeling warm inside and I will teach my kids all she taught me. Take time for your family.

img_0014 and also take time for you, time to treat your self this month and have a bath, with relaxing sea salts or watch your favourite programme with your fluffy socks on and a cup of teaimg_0026 never forget that you need you more than anyone else does. Be kind to you and be happy this Christmas



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