smile, be positive, stay happy…

People always ask me why and how am I always so happy. What is it that I do that keeps a smile on my face. There is no hidden agenda, there is no magic secret unfortunately but I  can show you a few simple steps that I know has been proven to add to happiness and help get you through lifes triumphs._20160807_232004 To start they say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life, well I love what I do and it always puts a smile on my face to go to work. I help people with there problems, I exercise and I pay my bills whats not to love about that?IMG_20160811_173537

Secondly! Breathe, take time out to breathe and be in the moment!

Number three! I love my kids, they keep me young and feeling alive, so much so that i teach kids four days a week and mind kids two days a week I just cant get enough. Yes my kids pinch and pull push and fight but those moments when there getting along you can actually feel the love between them and how great it is in that moment that you gave them life and you now get to watch them grow evert day in front of your eyes._20160720_230244

Four! Nature, it might sound airy fairy to you but the sun, the sea, long walks listening to the wind and taking a moment to just be is so important, and really works!hannahs fone 10559

Five! Friends, its improtant to have just a handful of close friends that you can turn to at any time, its nice knowing that people see you as a little bit of light in there darkness and will talk to you when there feeling low, but its important for you to have somebody to turn to also, we all deserve a shoulder to cry on from time to time.hannahs fone 1670

Six! Alone time, I for one found this hard. I love company, keeping busy and being with loved ones, but taking time for you is so important, I had to learn that being alone wasnt lonely. My favourite alone time consists of a glass of wine, a packet of crisps an episode of my favourite programme and fluffy socks, bliss!love yourself

Seven! My thinking, be positive, for example when Im paying my rent Idont think its a waste of money, or like Im throwing it away instead I always feel grateful that for another thirty days I have kept a roof over my head and my babies have there home, our brain has a way of helping us, and even if your feeling down just smile and let your mind think your happy you will be surprised as to how affective it is. love yourself

Lastly! Exercise, its been known to be an anti depressent, I always feel good after the gym or a fitness class, not to mention you will tone and sculpt your body feeling good on inside and out, if you cant make the gym grab a fitness DVD or run up and down your stairs fifty times,lol! No Excuses!Logo---Hannah-May-Jane

Hope this helped.

Have a good week guys, a good month, a good year! xx

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