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hannahs fone 10327From the age of nine I went to dance school, but from the age of one I was dancing, like most kids putting on shows for there parents, dressed as god knows what, but happy with every step, stumble, prance and skip I took. Making my own moves up of course. I took up Hip hop, Funk , Musical Theatre and Singing at the National Performing Art School and every Saturday for eight years I went and danced my heart out with some amazing teachers and students who I still talk to now, sharing the same passion we have all gone on to teach for NPAS perform on the big stage and create our own classes for children who share those same dreams just like us at that age. Without that school I wouldnt of had the confidence to go out on my own and fulfill my dreams, I highly recommend it to parents looking to expand on there childrens talents and there passion. As if performing in front of there class wasnt enough, try performing at the Olympia theatre, tickets for your childs show being sold for a professional amazing show with such talent. My weekends were Unique in that place.

IMG_20160724_221951 I went on to teach my self during the week in various different schools, I teach now four days a week and I love it, I love kids and love seeing the sparkle in there eyes as they perform.

If you have a little girl or boy who loves to sing, dance, perform, have fun and meet new friends get in contact today. We provide classes for all ages at

The National performing Art School Ringsend on Saturdays

Tuesdays Mounttown Recourse Centre Monkstown 5.30-6.30 ages 4-8

6.30-7.30 ages 8-13


hannahs fone 10559For adults looking to do some pole fitness join our class at Yoga Village on Mondays in Dalkey 7.30-8.30

for more info just mail …

If you need private singing lessons just contact me and we can sort a time and place. Im here to help

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