Make up artist of the month ❤March Special❤

Well can you belive another month has been and gone, and we now have Miss march, our MUA of the month, Julia Radu. Her work is amazing especially for a `9 year old just beginning.IMG_2758

Here are a few words from Julia and her story…

My name is Julia Radu. I’m 19 years old. I’m originally from Romania but have been living in Ireland for about ten years. Before I  became really passionate about makeup I used to only wear it as a way to cover my flaws.. I seen makeup as a ‘mask’ as I grew older I learned to deal with my imperfections and started seeing makeup as a way to express myself through it and get creative.IMG_2752lts so inspiring seeing so many women and men express themselves through the power of makeup and showing the world that makeup isn’t only used as a way to “impress” someone or used as a way to hide ourselves ,I believe that makeup should be about proving to yourself and everyone else that you do slay!IMG_2753IMG_2754
My passion for makeup started about 2 years ago I started off with one eyeshadow palette and 2/3 brushes and that’s all I needed!😂
I decided about a year ago that I finally wanted to share my passion for makeup with those who love it just as much as i did I created an Instagram account (juliamakeup__) and a facebook page aswell (Julia Radu Make up),I was so nervous but thinking about it now it was one of the best decisions I’ve made,IMG_2761I was always such a shy girl and doing makeup helped to come out of my shell,I also got so much support and it’s really encouraged me to keep doing what I love. There are no rules to makeup! If you want to go for a blinding highlight or a dark bold eye DO IT! You do you!IMG_2757IMG_2764IMG_2760 Pictures above are a few make overs Julia did herself on clients, and for just twenty euro you can get your makeup done by Julia too. Just contact her directly on Instagram.


Cant wait to let this girl paint my face…


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