Moving house and all it’s ups and downs

Well after two long years in an apartment the time had come to move, so much to plan, so much to do, and what Little time we had.mornings

With a baby on the way the main focus was to get out as soon as possible. Let’s face it moving boxes and fit to pop do NOT mix, so the sooner we shifted the life from one spot to another, the better.

We searched and searched and nothing met our standards, or we didn’t meet theirs which happened more so. I began to feel like I couldn’t look anymore to be told your bank statements didn’t meet our requirements or your family is too big, I mean seriously? Was reliable work refrences and proof of not missing one rent payment in two years not enough? The Landlords had the world in their hands and they new it, they can afford to be picky and it didn’t matter what anyone else had to go through once they were getting paid. Which obviously I understand is so important but with the choice of so many tenants it felt like we didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Firstly,a handy tip, I new I needed to pack, because either way we had a deadline to be out by, so house or no house we were gone!

I bought lovely boxes in Dunnes stores for just 15 euro and could fit all my dvds, books, frames and bits and bobs.Also can be bought in Heatons, and Ikea. Perfect 👌🏼IMG_2727

I bought a black permanent marker to label each box so I new exactly what was in each one, as the off loading everything is harder than the packing.

The more I thought about moving the more my little brain got stressed, so I thought of it as a clear out.

So another little tip I had: One bag for rubbish, one bag for charity and one bag for storage. meaning when we moved the storage bags could be looked at individually to see if they were all coming to the new house. I think I got rid of 7 bags between rubbish and charity so it was great for me. I felt good inside and out.

Next thing I knew we needed was money, and lets face it in this day and age it doesnt come easy but moving in somewhere you need your first months rent up front along with the same amount in a deposit. I guess you could say the same price of a crappy mobile home, or a really nice car, LOL!money

Saving for me is easy, I love seeing my savings grow it gives me great joy. so what I have is a piggy bank, any time I come into my home with coins in my purse they are not allowed leave in it again. They must go in the piggy bank, I check it every month and add it to the bank.

Secondly when I get paid always something has to be saved from as little as 20 euro a week makes all the diffrence. I have continued to do this my whole life so when it came to buying my car, I didnt need a loan, meaning I never had a debt hanging over my head. Gladly each time it has come to paying for something worth while my ” little and often” tip got me further each time. IMG_2726

We all want the home of our dreams, but lets face it, Rome wasnt built in a day! Though slowly but surely, we will get there, each and everyone of us, stay focused, keep your head in the game and make sure you dont take your eye off what you really want, what truely matters to you.

The main problem we had was the information that had to be supplied for each and every property viewed, not only to be emailed before or after arrival, but to have printed so they had it on site and remembered who you were. I didnt know what to say in each place I had a different story hoping they would accept my life style, in some places, I even hid my pregnancy!!

What I recommend you to have is:

1 Refrences from previous landlords

2 Bank statements from all accounts, for proof of earnings and proof of paying rent monthly.

3Pp60 if you have one, showing yearly earnings in total.

4 Work refrences, even if you have worked in a few places showing you to be a reliable person, friendly, punctual ect.

5 Your background, I have been told the more information the better, where you come from, your interests, how many kids you have, what schools they attend, everything really apart from what you had for breakfast. LOL!

6 Copies of passports of all parties moving in


Then your in with a good shot of being accepted as a perfectly good tenant, but please dont hold your breath as the process is long. Some may be lucky and get it first go and I congratulate them on that success because each rejection for me was not a step closer to your goal like in the business world, to me I was this close to balling my eyes out and hiding in a dark room for the rest of my life, but I am so glad I didnt. Otherwise I would never find a house to call my home.

The main thing anyone of us need is family, making sure there close by and you dont move too far from your safety net if your looking to set up shop for good.

For me I new the people I was moving in with would make my house a home just by there big smiles and decorating their rooms to give each one of them an identity all of their own. One blue room, one pink room and everything they needed in between…




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