February❤ Make up Artist of the Month

Well I am very proud to present Enya Lawlor with the title Irish MUA of the month. Her work Is remarkable. IMG_2076

I love seeing people express themselves through makeup and Enya takes the word flawless to a whole new level.

IMG_2074Here are some words from Enya about herself…


“My Name is Enya Lawlor, im 19 years old and I’m from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I’m currently living across the pond studying a Fine Art degree at Liverpool John Moore’s University.IMG_2071

Growing up I was never really into makeup, the only makeup I wore was a Rimmel London black eye liner that I thought I was gorgeous in. I was also the biggest tom boy ever, not to mention I was an extremely fat kid. The only thing throughout school that I actually enjoyed was art! I loved being creative and was even known for being the best but never really knew for certain where I wanted to be in life and what I was truly passionate about. When I was around 17 I began to feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin and this is when I discovered makeup.

IMG_2075Coming to university has given me the opportunity to really understand what I want do in life. Makeup was the answer to that! I’m a strong believer that makeup should allow women AND men to feel more beautiful within themselves and their appearance. However, in my opinion I feel that makeup shouldn’t be used as a tool to feed your insecurities. It should be used as a tool to help you become an individual, to stand out, to express yourself and show your creative side. But most importantly to help you to become a more confident and happier you! No one should ever hide away under makeup. Embrace that your eye brows are on fleek, that your highlight is glowing to the gods and that your wings are slaying.

IMG_2079Around 2 months ago I decided that I wanted to share my love for makeup to everyone and anyone who was interested. I want to be a role model to young girls AND boys who also have a dream similar to mine. Finally I want to show people that makeup is a form of art and anyone can learn to express themselves through it! Join me on my journey..
Instagram: enyalawlor
Snapchat: ennslols

Love Enya x


It has been a pleasure getting to know Enya this month and with her personality it’s hard not to like her, she sweet and genuine as you can see, If your ever in Belfast she charges just £20 to get your make up done and I am sure she would be only delighted to hear you already know so much about her.

best of luck Enya

The only way is up

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