7 ways to stay happy in 2017

img_1314img_1310 2017 has come, for some nothing but happy feelings that 2016 is dead and gone, but for others wondering what their going to do to make this year better and different is a struggle.

My first tip is to

Eat healthily

I love fruit, I always feel better knowing I have had my five a day or more, the more fruit you eat the less you bloat meaning less food babies and make sure you have small meals and often to not only stay fuller for longer but to avoid sugar binges from letting your body get hungry.


img_1330img_1334 Spend time with friends, laugh, share stories and lend a listening ear, its so important to meet with people who are special to you, and just celebrate life, love and happiness.

img_1328 If you have something you know you are good at this year set a goal. Pick a date, and make it happen. Learn how to fly a plane, drive a car, set up a business, climb the tallest mountain in your country, what ever it may be, do it! make it happen and Follow your dreams

img_1321img_1299 Treat yourself, Get yourself a diary and pick five dates spread out throughout the year and call it a Me Day, go shopping, go for a drink, get your nails done, go for a walk, do something alone, make sure some of the day is breathing space for you.


moneySave Money I no its hard but every pay day make it your business to save something, how ever big or little you can affford, and by the end of every year see what you saved, it could be to buy your self something nice or so christmas doesnt burn a hole in your pocket, or buy a new car or put a deposit on a house, you will feel great knowing that you made that happen just by a small amount every week.

Yoga retreat 6 - hannah may janeMeditate Take up a yoga class, pilates or relaxation take an hour a week for you and attend the class, let go of life, leave the problems at the door and enjoy the silence, if you cant afford a weekly class take time to your self at home purchase a yoga dvd or medition CD and sit in a dark quiet room and just be.


img_1268img_1327img_0687My Kids They make me smile, they keep me young, sometimes I feel like a kid when I play the way they ask me to. Go to the park, go for walks, and use your imagination.

I love to look at the sea, listen to the sounds and smile, be thankful of how far I have come and appreciate all I have.

Your health is your wealth.




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