My Top Three Products This Week

IMG_4850There is always something new out, always a product we love or loath, but these three are my must haves of the week!


I love a highlight, as we all know this weeks highlight is by an Irish beauty Marissa Carter, Ice Goddess

Ice Goddess Oil has violet undertones which particularly helps lift and brighten dull skin.I didnt know for so long that this beauty could be used as a highlight, I had been using it on my arms and chest and didnt think to pop it on my cheek bone. Using any highlight brush, dab it onto your hand first and then apply and watch your cheek glow.


My second favourite product is my forever serum IMG_4852 made with white tea extract, preserves and replenish skin with anti ageing properties. I even use this as a primer before my make up some mornings. Tis an A1 from me.


Lastly my everyone must have make up remover

IMG_4851 I am a sucker for Garnier products but this make up remover I couldn’t go with out. lifts dirt, cleanses and soothes and is sensitive on skin with no perfume.





Last weeks top product lets not forget

IMG_4661 Calvin Klein Euphoria a scent you cant forget, Inglot powder highlight for a fab golden glow, and lock in max factor lip gloss for a long-lasting shine.


2 thoughts on “My Top Three Products This Week

  1. Haya hannah its celine i love your blog and loveing your makeup and skin producs.. i love anything got to do with makeup and the skin.but the only thing is i really cant get the smokey eye affect.. Also if you get a chance or get new producs in let me know ive sent you my e mail xxxxx

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