My secret recipe to smooth living

So I bought a new smoothie maker, 64 euro in Dunnes Stores, made by Tower.

It really is my Best Buy, each day I am making healthy smoothies to give me my five a day, energy and nutrients.

I want to share with you my two favourites and how they can help you too.IMG_4687


Smoothie number 1

The Stress Reliever

In this smoothie I put 20 raspberries, 20 red grapes, 1 banana, 3 strawberries, 250 MLS of orange juice, and 1/3 of s cucumber

So not only are you getting your 5 a day, your also getting high levels of Vitamin C , potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, and so much more.

The cucumber has been known to release your stress levels and helps fight anxiety so make this bad boy three times a week and watch your happiness increase and not to mention your skin.IMG_4660


Smoothie number 2

Energy Booster

This one really gave me a boost, which I needed after having my baby.

I kept it as green as possible

40 green grapes

1/3 cucumber

200mls of  apple juice

acception to the greenness)

and cool 200mls of boiled water and leave a green teabag soak for two minutes and add to your smoothie. Green tea has been known to improve brain function and make you smarter, so I am going to add it to my lifestyle lol!

Maybe don’t have coffee after this and certainly don’t drink it close to bed or you won’t sleep with  the caffeine from the green coffee bean.IMG_4694 Although the colour doesn’t look too appealing, it tasted divine and made me feel fine…

Stay tuned for my favourite products blog coming soon…

Happy Juicing x



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