Las Vegas, the place where your dreams become reality 💞



Landing in Las Vegas was one of the most amazing feelings , yes I was tired, we had been traveling for what felt like days and we were fit for bed, but we were in the city of lights, dreams and madness. It was only right to get dressed up and go out for a nice meal before we hit the hay.

I think no matter what we ate we would of been happy after such a long flight. It was at this meal we learned the art of tipping, 😂 and you must go nowhere without tipping 20% of your bill.

The following morning when we woke we had a fabulous breakfast in the hotel restaurant, which I still dream of today. We were staying at the MGM grande.

Which is like a village, lol all the hotels are amazing over there with there very own casino, bars, shops and restaurants. Take your pick, there everywhere 😂

On our first day we made sure before the money ran out to book all our tourist things so we had things to do every day, besides gamble, eat and drink 😂 which is all anyone’s advice was when we were leaving,

We booked the Brad Garrett comedy show, the shark reef, the dolphin and tiger exhibit, the circ du soliel show and the rollercoaster.

The comedy show was probably one of the funniest nights I have had in a long time,

So much so I actually bought all the DVD’s and cds and bracelets from the comedians when I came out 😂

It is a must when going to Vegas and looking for a laugh.

I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Vegas. It’s situated in the underground at the MGM hotel.

Now when you spend your first night in Las Vegas, or any night for that matter, you are bound to wake up with a hangover at some point.

well, they have the answer for you

The Roller coaster

At New York New York hotel.


I felt refreshed and energized after what that rollercoaster had in store.

We went to the shark reef on our first day, and if your going with kids I’m sure they would love it, but we just found it quite boring. Now fish are amazing and therapeutic to watch so I definitely don’t regret it, I just wouldn’t do it again.

Ww teally loves the Circ du soliel show, which again was on in the MGM grande. The weather was cold so we actually wouldn’t of moved from the hotel if we were there for longer.

My god are those people, flexible, strong and super talented. The show doesn’t go on for long so you could easily plan this along with the rest of your night.

we finally decided to leave our hotel to check what the outdoors had in store and we found Hooters!

I had always heard of hooters so I needed to go, and we made sure we went again 😂 boneless chicken wings and curly chips nom nom 😋

Obviously we found so much more but I will always remember hooters. Walking down the strip we found coke bottles and guitars hanging out of buildings, people dressed as superheroes and half naked ladies.

One thing you must do when visiting Vegas is

visit Fremont street!!! The land of crazy amazing-ness 💞

Thats where we saw men dressed as women, yoda, upsidedown still people, people holding signs for money. And getting it!! One I remember was “I’ll mind your wife while you go gamble” 😂

I threw him my coins 👌🏻

You must zip line down this street , one of the most amazing feelings and one up from the rollercoaster 🎢

It. Is . A . Must


Last thing that is most important is a spa day… OMG did we need this and it was everything we dreamed of at the MGM

Although it was not warm we made sure we took a stroll around the pool and dedicated some chill time to the ambience

Then inside for jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and a shower with the shampoo , conditioner, razor and shower gel all provided. Even make up remover and mouth wash!! Every woman’s dream 😂

We really wanted to do the hot air balloon ride  🎈 but it was almost $300 each! And that was just not in our spending bucket. We also wanted to do the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon but that was coming in at $499 per person!!

There was a helicopter company you could use for $99 dollars but wasn’t insured, Hhm so we gave that a miss lol 😂 

At the end of it all, your going to go to Vegas and do what you wanna do but here I just highlighted some tops of my trip and I know these will make your trip an experience of a life time.

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