Whitening your smile at home

Whitening my teeth has always been something I have wanted to do in the comfort of my own home, and also with a product that helps with the sensitivity.

I have always had good teeth and kept them white. But never had that pearly glow, so I’m on a mission to get it 👌🏻Teeth can begin to not look great with that one too many cups of tea or coffee ☕️, the wonderful red wine 🍷😂, and even things like sauces and jams can have its effect on our teeth’s colour.

In this picture above I have whitened my teeth just twice with Smile Brilliant and can feel a white lift already, you can leave your custom trays in for up to three hours,but I’m keeping my sittings to 45 minutes to make sure I keep the sensitivity to a minimum. During pregnancy, I always made sure I got my teeth checked by the dentist as your gums become softer in pregnancy (so I heard) for me my teeth became more sensitive so I’m always careful with the products I use.

What I love about Smile brilliant is I can just sit and chill and whiten at the same time

Or sometimes I pop them in and do my At home workout 🏋️‍♀️  As a mom it’s hard to find time to look after yourself and pamper yourself, with my little whitening gems I can take care of my body and my teeth at the one time.

Two birds, one stone.

I have always kept my teeth in good condition and made sure I brushed them twice a day, I use mouthwash occasionally and floss daily also.  I make yearly trips to the dentist and he always tells me that they are in good nick.

I have always been proud of my teeth but wanted them to be whiter than white I am achieving this with Smilebrilliant.

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I am happy to smile, with Smile Brilliant x

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