Chillicious ice cream shop

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If you are looking for a fun place to take the kids for a Sunday treat, a Friday fun day, or pretty much any time of the week, Chillicious Ice Cream Shop in the heart of Sallynoggin is the place to go. chillicious opened up its doors in January of this year and has been a huge success with the children. My kids just love the scooped ice cream with there selections of flavours and sauces they can get something different each time. As for us Mommy’s if your not in the mood they sell the gorgeous Lavazza coffee, Italians finest, and promoted by the lovely Jennifer Lopez in her hit single “I aint yo mama”.Or my personal favourite a tub of whipped ice cream topped with kinder bueno and marshmallows, Delicious, or should i say Chillicious, From pancakes, to milkshakes, malts and slush puppies chillicious have it all. with just a small walk to Sallynoggin play park you can get the kids out of the house for a few hours with a smile on there face, like my Laila may here.


The staff are so friendly and easy to talk to, its a family run business by Darren and Barbara Crimmons who have four boys of there own which is always a bonus when taking your kids out knowing that your not in the way, here your always welcome. Make sure when you arrive you take your loyalty card to receive one free ice cream after you buy eight.


The kids can top there ice cream with a large selection of jellies and chocolates so as you can can imagine they want them all so I just let them pick a different one each time, it adds excitement!

Also they have announced the famous Rolled Ice Cream to be introduced this week to the shop, which is very popular in Thailand, as the first people to buy the rolled ice-cream machine in Ireland , they have now perfected and mastered the trait and cant wait to share it with us all.

With indoor and outdoor seating Chillious also cater for birthday parties at the shop which any child would love,opening hours from 12-9 every day, pop down today and treat your self to a Chillicious ice cream, Relax and enjoy…..


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