The Hospital Bag

For all my pregnant Mamas DONT STRESS! I am here for you,

Never fear, your must haves for the hospital bag are here! IMG_2995

Time is ticking and I am already thinking of the possibility of going into labour early and having nothing prepared. So, the bag is out and I am popping in the essentials.

Dont forget to buy your self a cosy pair of PJ’s to sit in the hospital with comfort, but also a nightgown to have your baby in, you know so, the doctors can work there magic, LOL!

I forgot my toothbrush the last time and the first thing I wanted to do after having my son was brush my teeth, and I had to wait for my partner to come back in with one. So in a nutshell


Night gown

Dressing gown

Toothbrush, Toothpaste

HairBrush, hair bobbins

Deodarant, wipes


Small pack of tissues

Then when it comes to clothes for yourself you want to feel and look well leaving the hospital, last time I packed a new tracksuit, fluffy on the inside with new runners. But, trust Ireland to have a heat wave the day I am leaving the hospital and immediatly changed into a dress when I got home after sweating the whole way home in the car, MY LORD Ill never forget that feeling, lesson learned. So lets not forget the Razor too.

Im going to pack a cosy tracksuit and a dress just incase the weather is nasty or nice, I will be prepared, and now you will too! Yey!

What to Expect is a pregnancy app I have been following the past few weeks, although its American, so I cant apply for any of the competitions, but here are some good tips and pointers they had to say…

IMG_3070IMG_3069IMG_3068IMG_3067  I thought that was really helpful, sometimes we dont think about the shampoos and moisturizers, although I think I will be leaving the Champagne at home, I will celebrate when I am ready, I dont think leaving the hospital is that time, lol!

I have two beautiful children already a boy and a girl and they are over the moon with the news of baby arriving, but I will be sure to pack a little present from baby for both of them. Times like this can be tough for them too so I think baby will bring something nice to put a smile on there face so they dont feel left out.IMG_3515IMG_3339IMG_3336

Slippers or cosy socks, your choice? I will go for fluffy socks so ill pack three pairs and six pairs of underwear to be safe!

Chewing gum for during labour to avoid a dry mouth and have something else to concentrate on.

I have been doing pregnancy yoga classes and  shes been teaching me how to breath, so I am hoping this time I will handle that side a little more. You can find her at Yoga Village Dalkey.img_0677

Packing for baby. lets not get carried away the hospital provide alot and lets not forget the visitors and there gifts, the last thing you want is to carry endless amounts of bags home.IMG_3073

So lets just say  a pack of babygrows, so about 5, then three pairs of leggings and three long sleeve tops and what ever your looking to bring your bundle of joy home in one pack of new born nappies, wipes and a towel and  two bottles if your not breat feeding and if you are a breast pump so you can rest. But again the hospital provide that too… eeekk its getting exciting!IMG_3045IMG_3120I hope I helped and best of luck with your baby xxx




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