Keeping fitness fun 💞

As we all know, keeping fit is an ongoing and everlasting task for most.

But why not make it fun, At primalxfitness not only do they have some of the top trainers Ireland has to offer but classes in their fab dance studio.

Take Zumba with the lovely Dora, sweating off those pounds by dancing to music with other people on the same journey as you.

What I love about Zumba is you feel the fun and you don’t even think about the exercise, it just happens. Watching the weight fall off with fun.

Or, don’t like to dance? and prefer more of a stretch to increase your tone and flexibility, go to their Yoga class with the wonderful Dee,

i my self enjoy both. Each giving me exactly what I look for in training.

But of course, you still gotta get your strength training in and for me feeling comfortable in a gym is a must,

Here, you feel right at home, your journey, in good hands.

For me one of my favourites is the rower machine

starting my routine each day with this helping me warm up, and give a full body work out, great way to work up a sweat 💦


My second favourite is the kettlebells, you can do so many different exercises, working each and every body part, and using what ever weight suits you.

And ny all time fave is the TRX

it gives me life 😂

i thought my stomach was strong until I exercised on this, can barely make it til the end of the seconds count but at least I beat the me sitting on the couch

But, my new amazing friend is like none other,

I am obsessed,

i used to think my weight was the main factor but with this new machine, you get to see your muscle mass, weight, BMI, Body fat, how many calories you should eat to sustain the weight, lose or gain, what ever you prefer, and how your muscle mass is divided into each part of your body.

it boggles me, I love it.

you need to avoid caffeine before standing on it and not eat four hours before , otherwise it can be mistaken for fat.

Any body starting with these guys, will know from the get go where needs to be worked on, what you need to do to do it, and keep you believing in your self.

Come with will power and a goal

And you can make 2019 your beach body for life year 👌🏻




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