Getting by , together apart ❤️

We all know these time’s have been up and down and all over the place and I want to start by taking the time to applaud you for your efforts, whether that be walking further away from strangers on the footpath, or refraining from hugging your grandparents, or spending a lot more time alone lately. I know that this is a hard time but we will get through this together, apart.



(bonus tip, make some mocktails, cocktails for you of course😂 and do some face masks, if your feeling wild, do each other’s nails and a spot of online shopping x)


here are some things that I have found really help me during quarantine,


working out

even if only a small bit watching different workout videos, on YouTube,DVD or Instagram.

i love Pamela RF a 23 year old German girl who’s work out videos are short, fun and working off your own body weight, so no need to worry if you don’t have a gym at home lol!

Long walks

its really been getting us by, as a family, I think it’s brought us closer, seeing the views we might not have seen in the car before, and stopping to admire the flowers and making up our own obstacles courses or scavenger hunts,

all of which are fun and pass so much time.

jammie days


i mean let’s face it when your bored in the house and there is nothing to do, what better way to make it sound amazing to the kids than, a day we are gonna wear our jammies all day long. Make a fort inside or outside, watch a dvd, have treats. And maybe even get a bath and get back into new jammies 😂

that kind of day sounds amazing to a child and let’s face it, sometimes our only option 😂


Creative time

take some time to get creative, draw pictures, so some painting, ask the kids to draw each other even,

we bought play dough and clay and the kids moulded some really cool things,

chalk is a great one. We have created games on the ground outside and the kids get hours of enjoyment drawing on the floor.

I do find I’m spending money on anything to keep them happy,

but at least I know the mind is staying active and it’s not just screen time.

Check out google for any competitions that may be going,

My kids have drawn things for “The Red Cow Complex” competition

And Laila even for her book published with Emu Books on there online ebook

She was chuffed!


Cooking and Baking


We are really doing this a lot, maybe too much 😂 and If I don’t stop soon I’ll be rolling out of lock down!!
Laila has baked flapjacks, cheese cakes, chocolate biscuit, scones and cookies

Not to mention insists on cooking dinner every night and the other day made the most amazing carbonara I have ever tasted!


But they all love creating their own pizzas

they all get to choose their own toppings and watch it bake, we recently ordered a kit from Platform Pizza which comes with every thing in it and the kids were in their element.


There are so many things that we have enjoyed doing at home together, as a family and I think it is important that we look to the positive side and see all the benefits that have come out of this for each individual home. We never really get the time to just be. I have really enjoyed all my time with my kids, but let’s be real I cannot wait for a coffee by myself in a coffee shop or food out in a restaurant or bar with my friends. Or going out on a little shopping spree on payday when you know you’ve worked hard. But  the real Thing I have missed during all this is my work my dancing, my heart, the kids I teach, that is my world and all has stopped. But it hasn’t stopped me sending videos to my students with some dance exercises to do, and dancing around my sitting room with my kids. There is always a new way to feel whole, never lose yourself in the mist. We are in this together, apart.

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