Fun things to do with the kids on wet or windy days 🌨

So over the last few months since fall set in, We have been picking places to go to keep the children occupied but that don’t cost too much money,

One of my personal favourites to go to after-school is Leisure Plex it’s €7 or thereabouts per child, and if its not busy you get more than an hour to play on slides, punching bags, Climb through tubes, a spook room,  jump in the balls, And look at yourself in a funny mirror, All while mum or dad get enjoy a coffee and sit and watch the fun, I love this because it gives me a chance to work, Write blogs or catch up on my admin while I’m with my kids and taking time to jump in the balls myself occasionally 😂

Another place we visited was ”imaginosity”

This one the kids really enjoyed  it because they got to become an adult doing the weekly shop collecting all different foods, Become a doctor performing operations on daddy, be the manager of the bank and the post office, and become a tv news reporter.
You can’t go wrong when they get to explore and become something they always imagined. This place is located in Sandyford which is just a hop skip and a jump from me and certainly didn’t break the bank. Inside you can also get kids pizzas with a juice for just €6 I thought this was great as they start to get the munch after the first hour. You can also have birthday parties here which I’m sure would go down a treat.

Another place that we had the pleasure to see was the Explorium at although it cost €87.50 for two adults and three kids you can spend the whole day here if you wish. This really is a dream come true for the kids as they get to create inventions listen to real life facts like what life is like on the moon, or what air and water pressure do when pushed hard, there is even an anti gravity room which I couldn’t get my kids out of it was so much fun.



Plus it was so lovely to see the views from up high it’s definitely a place I will be going back to.

But I will say I am just one of those people that love the great outdoors and no matter the weather I will always find a way to get the kids out and enjoy the outdoors. The other day the sun was shining but it was absolutely freezing outside. There was nothing that a hat and jacket couldn’t do for me that day as they played with sticks and grass and rocks on our walk to the park this cost me zero euro!! 

We love our trips to feed the ducks or get hot chocolate at the local coffee shop and go on a nice stroll it gets us all out of the house, Clears the head and brings the dog on a walk. Why wouldn’t you want to explore the great outdoors 😂❤️

A trip to the zoo, farm or beach is always a blessing ❤️

or a trip to the national botanic gardens near you is always good to explore nature and get fresh air ☺️

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