Five minute fitness!

As you all know I love to help and this blog has been created for you gorg gals on my snap chat hansiemaybabes

Take five minutes every morning, lunch and evening to do this simple routine.

if you fancy a bit of music do it for the duration of two songs

or use a stop watch.

Jog on the spot x 60 secs

jumping jaq x 30 secs

jump twists x 30 secs

jump squats x 30 secs

hold in a squat x 30 secs

march on the spot x 30 secs

small jumps, feet together x 30 secs

big jumps, feet together x 30 secs

stretch up, breath in arms above your head x 15 secs

drop let body hang legs open and straight x 15 secs

In greater detail go to my snap chat as I do a 5 minute run through later.

Take the time to do that for a small pick me up in your mood too. Now, along side this you must also choose 45 minutes of exercise of your choice, a jog, a walk, a cycle a swim, take a dance class?That part is up to you.


Here are some stomach exercises I feel help me.


Some people dont like the full sit up but once done correctly can help your stomach and back strengthen.

Lie flat on your back, arms crossed over chest.

I like to take three small crunches and then lift up to full seated position, only count the big sit up and think of the small crunches as a stepping stone. get 10 sit ups, go for it!

make sure you keep back straight and do not curl your shoulders or scrunch up your neck.


Lie flat on the floor, flex feet and lift up to V position, arms parallel to feet. Repeat 15 times and do two sets.

If you have to start off with one set thats ok, practice makes perfect x


In this diagram you can see the names of the muscles that you are using, I thought it might be of help to some of you.

The twisted sit ups works your obliques to those lovely muscles that both male and female body builders have and look so delish! lol!

Twist your body alternating sides as you rise up in your sit up, I like to go just half way up on this exercise, plus it also helps avoid pulling your neck when you get tired.


If any body needs any more help or has any other questions feel free to contact me directly

One website I always found helpful was check it out for mini videos of the exercises they provide.

Before I go, grab a chair and try this small demonstration


Have fun, and best of luck x


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