Femme Luxe 💖

Teaching dancing as much as I do, I spend my life in tracksuits that’s why I dress up every chance I get Lol!

Anyway, needless to say, I wanted to splash out on some nice sporty gear that I could look good, feel good, and still teach my class being comfy,


I found Femmeluxefinery




Shall I say any more?

Cheap, cheerful and luminous right up my street.

Now normally I go for quality over quantity

But this time I did both!!

I couldn’t buy just one tracksuit

Head to their website you will see why.


This one was a comfy fave, every time I went to class the kids would complement my outfits asking where I got them,

They soon knew the answer.


I even couldn’t resist then when it came to looking for something for my events and nights out, this white classy look was a huge hit on my insta page hannahmayjane and also with my friends after our show in the Olympia theatre.

When femme Luxe asked me to come on board and blog for them, I was over the moon, I picked two fabulous outfits, one dress up, one down,

A one-stop-shop to meet all the needs in my life.

Check them out


Hashtag #luxegal with your outfits for a chance to be featured.


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