100 happy things, 100 happy days

 Share with me for the first 100 days of the new year on my snap chat Hansiemaybabes or on my Instagram hannahmayjane the things that make you happy that day, or what you did to make yourself or others happy.

Everyone who even shares just 1 day will be entered into the competition to win a 100 euro voucher to dundrum shopping centre. But remember the more days you send the more you stick in my head and all the more reason why I want to be your 100th happy day and give you a voucher for FREE!!

As simple as getting your nails done can count as day

Or how about buying your self a new pair of shoes that maybe santy failed to bring  Or even keep me updated on that fitness regime you started and your progress that’s making you feel good 

Or those most important happy days like the birth of a child and all those special moments they can bring 

you be the judge of what makes you happy and I’ll be sure to keep you posted of the same ❤️

Happy new year guys xxx

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