Yoga Retreat

hannahs fone 4441In October 2015 I went on a fabulous… vaction, you might call it, some might say bootcamp!

I cant recommend Deirdre O Rourke my yoga instructor enough, she teaches yoga, pole fitness and stretching classes for adults in a lovely studio at home situated in the heart of dalkey, but on this particular occasion I went on a Yoga retreat to Sabina in Rome, Italy. It was a week from heaven filled with sun, and fun, a private pool and your very own chef cooking food for you every morning, noon and night.Yoga retreat 4 - hannah may jane

We were in a little group of ladys all ages heights and sizes, yet we meshed so well, no matter where we were from. We did yoga twice a day and in our spare time, walked, read books or slept. No TV no WIFI. just what we needed to switch off from the world, even if just for a short while, on our last day we visited a lovely city called Orvieto, where we shopped, wined and dined, yet  I still came home five pounds lighter, more toned and feeling on top of the world, there was no problem i couldnt tackle when I arrived home, I just felt fabulous!So many people asked me what was I taking, But the truth was I was just high on life…

You can find her at Yoga Village Dalkey, Ireland.

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